Santos: Dems Turned NYC Into “A 3rd World Hell Hole”

“My family escaped socialism twice. We never thought we’d have to fight socialism in America. In fact, radical socialists have infiltrated our government and will destroy our country unless we defeat them.

“I say ‘No’ to A.O.C., ‘No’ to Cuomo, and ‘No’ to de Blasio’s failed policies. They have turned NYC into a 3rd world hell hole. We will not allow that to happen on Long Island!

“Here on Long Island, we back the Blue, we love the Police. Who do you call when you are in trouble? Do you call BLM? Do you call Antifa? No, you call 911!

“I will always fight for freedom and I will always fight for liberty. I pledge to never take a salary. Every penny will go towards the fight against Socialism. Do Not NYC, MY Long Island!

“Send me to Congress and I will send these Commies packing.” – George Santos, in a written 2021 response to the New York Young Republicans Club’s endorsement.