Quisling Group Calls For “Woke” Buttigieg To Resign

From Log Cabin Republicans president Charles Moran:

If the Senate plans to investigate what went wrong with the FAA system meltdown, it should start by looking into how much taxpayer-money, time, and resources the FAA, Secretary Buttigieg, and the entire Department of Transportation have spent pushing their woke agenda down the aviation industry’s throat.

Crumbling infrastructure in our national air sector takes a back-seat to gender-neutering aviation vernacular and advancing “racial equity,” “inclusion,” “income inequality,” “environmental justice, and “climate change”, according to the 2023 DOT/FAA appropriation requests.

If the Democrat-led Senate is too afraid of their radical base to investigate the DOT’s priorities, then House Republicans should do it for them. Once again, Pete Buttigieg’s questionable qualifications are on full display. He should do American travelers a favor, hang up his inexperienced hat, and resign.