Proud Boys Sedition Jury Sees Their Parler Messages

Courthouse News reports:

Putting the social media of five Proud Boys front and center in their seditious conspiracy trial, prosecutors called an FBI agent to testify Monday in front of a series of poster boards with their activity on Parler. FBI Special Agent Kate Camiliere testified that the posts from a Parler monicker called NobleLead belonged to Enrique Tarrio, the highest-ranking member of the Proud Boys and likewise of the defendants in this indictment.

Camiliere, who is the government’s fifth witness, noted that Tarrio also described himself as a fourth-degree Proud Boys chairman, war lord and American supremacist in the biography section of his account. The first Parler message shown to the jury Monday was posted by Tarrio at 2:38 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2021. “Don’t fucking leave,” it said. “Proud Of My Boys and my country,” came the next message from Tarrio, about four minutes later.

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