One Million Moms Vs Accounting Firm Jackson Hewitt

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

One Million Moms is disgusted by the new Jackson Hewitt commercial, “Buck Yeah!” The company’s latest television advertisement for its tax services starts with “What the Buck?” and concludes with “Buck Yeah!”

The tax service company thinks it is clever to substitute the word “buck” for the vulgar f-word. In fact, this play on words sounds just like the f-word until viewers actually see the word “buck” on the screen.

Obviously, Jackson Hewitt has crossed a line that many viewers find to be repulsive. With its play on words, this commercial is not only indecent but also in poor taste. Jackson Hewitt is being irresponsible because everyone knows children repeat what they hear.

TAKE ACTION: Please sign our petition urging Jackson Hewitt to stop its inappropriate marketing campaigns and cancel this “Buck Yeah!” commercial immediately.

Also, let Jackson Hewitt know that continuing to air this offensive ad will force your family to avoid their business. And please share this with your friends and family.

Per Wikipedia, Jackson Hewitt has locations inside over 3000 Walmart stores nationwide.