NY County Bill Would Bar Future Santos-Like Candidates

New York City’s CBS affiliate reports:

Nassau County legislator Joshua Lafazan will introduce new measures Wednesday to prevent candidates who lie about their qualifications from running for Congress in the future. It will be called the G.E.O.R.G.E. package, which stands for “Get Egregious Officials Removed from Government Elections.”

Lafazan says the series of laws would make background checks mandatory for all candidates, bar anyone with open foreign arrest warrants from holding office, and make lying about your education, employment history, address or income a misdemeanor.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Santos did not attend a reception at the White House for new members of Congress, saying he didn’t have time in his schedule. “What are you doing instead?” a reporter asked. “Constituent services,” Santos replied.

Read the full article. Republicans hold a 12-7 majority in the Nassau County legislature.