New York AG Seeks Sanctions For Trump’s Stupid Lies

Bloomberg News reports:

New York’s attorney general said she will seek sanctions against former President Donald Trump, his three oldest children and their lawyers for making “demonstrably false” denials in response to the state’s $250 million fraud suit.

Attorney General Letitia James said Tuesday in a letter to the court that the Trumps’ formal answer to the state’s suit was peppered with denials of basic facts, including some that the Trumps had previously stated themselves under oath.

As an example, she noted that Trump denied he was an “inactive president” of the Trump Organization while he was in the White House, even though he described himself that way in an October 2021 deposition in a separate case.

Read the full article. Last week Trump’s lawyer laughably claimed that the Trump Organization does not exist as a legal entity despite having introduced herself before the court as representing the Trump Organization. Those kinds of stupid lies earned them a $1 million sanction in Florida earlier this month.