New Videos Show Santos Did Drag Over Three Years

The Insider reports:

Rep. George Santos, who initially denied claims that he performed as a drag queen, later appeared to admit that he once had fun at a festival dressing as a woman. Recently surfaced videos, however, seem to suggest that Santos dressed as his drag persona over a period of at least three years, casting doubt on his claim that it was a one-off occurrence.

The New York Post shared a video of what appears to be Santos at Niterói’s first pride parade, in 2005, speaking in Portuguese to a reporter about all of the gay venues he had performed in. Another video published by the Brazilian current affairs show Fantástico on Monday reportedly shows Santos wearing a red feathered dress at Niterói Gay Parade in 2007.

Videos and photos, spanning from 2005 to 2008, indicate that Santos may have been dressing in drag at events for several years, despite his denial that he was ever a drag queen.

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