Mike Lindell: “I’m Going To Win” Election For RNC Chair

Vice News reports:

Mike Lindell is running for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. But no one involved in the RNC, which is gathering for its winter meetings in California this week, seems to know why—or who’s backing him.

Iowa Republican Party Chairman Jeff Kaufmann told VICE News that Lindell was running a “pseudo-campaign” that didn’t amount to more than some cookie-cutter form emails from fringe activists. Lindell told VICE News that he has qualified to appear on the ballot, which two RNC members said they’d confirmed with the committee.

But Lindell refused to say who supports him. “I wouldn’t tell you that in a million years. What, so you could go attack them? I’m not stupid. You guys must really think I’m dumb,” he told VICE News. “I’m going to win.”

Read the full article. The election is Friday.