Megyn Kelly: Jill Biden’s Doctorate Is A “Fake Title”

The Huffington Post reports:

Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly threw a fit on Twitter during Sunday’s NFC Championship game over a single word uttered by the announcers: “Doctor,” as in “Dr. Jill Biden.” The first lady grew up in the Philadelphia area and was at the game to cheer on her Eagles as the team defeated the San Francisco 49ers to earn a trip to the Super Bowl. The announcers used the title when they spotted her in the crowd, causing Kelly to rage-tweet.

Read the full article. Of note, Kelly often refers to anti-abortion activist Alveda King as “Dr.” even though King’s is an honorary title issued by a Christian college. In recent days Kelly has hosted prominent anti-vaxxers on the SiriuxXM show. Kelly last appeared on JMG when she whined that wearing a mask felt like “having Joe Biden’s hand over my mouth.”