MAGA Rep Claims Trump Could End The Ukraine War With A Simple Phone Call To Vladimir Putin [VIDEO]

“Now we want to send M-1 Abrams tanks. Obviously, there’s a crisis on every corner in this country. And look at what we’re dealing with globally, whether it’s trying to deal with Taiwan, whether it’s North Korea, teasing South Korea.

“So we’ve got problems in this country. And I think they’re exploiting the weakness we have in the White House. Joe Biden, you need to call Donald Trump. Donald Trump will call Vladimir Putin and end this war.

“We must stop this war. And Donald Trump can do it. He never went into Ukraine under Donald Trump in his four years. Well, Donald Trump will fix it when he’s inaugurated as the 47th.” – GOP Rep. Troy Nehls, today on Fox News.

Nehls first appeared on JMG in February 2022 when he concocted a wild story about Capitol Police sneaking into his office to take photos of “important documents.”

In fact, he’d left his door “wide open” over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the cops came to secure the room, per Capitol security protocol.