MAGA Rep: Ban Chinese Nationals From US Colleges

Via press release from GOP Rep. Bob Good:

Congressman Bob Good (VA-05) has introduced the No Taxpayer Funding for the Chinese Communist Party Act, which requires the Attorney General to provide a report to Congress within one year of enactment on the extent to which Communist China has benefited from taxpayer funded research.

“Americans’ hard-earned money should not be funding the Chinese Communist Party,” said Congressman Bob Good. “Instead of bragging about spending time with the dictator Xi Jinping, President Biden should be doing everything he can to protect Americans and ensure their tax dollars are not helping one of America’s top national security threats on the global stage. My bill will hold the Biden Administration accountable and send a signal that no American tax dollars should be directed to assist the CCP in the future.”

This report would include a list of United States Government-funded entities, such as research institutions, laboratories, and institutions of higher education, which have hired Chinese nationals or allowed Chinese nationals to conduct research, including an estimate in the number of nationals hired or involved in research projects.

Good last appeared on JMG early this month when he vowed that “Kevin McCarthy will never be House Speaker.”

In 2020, Good defeated incumbent GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman in a primary campaign that centered around attacking Riggleman for having officiated the same-sex marriage of a former campaign volunteer.

Good is a loud proponent of Trump’s Big Lie, says the COVID pandemic is “phony,” and has appeared at a rally organized by a far-right militia group.

On January 6th, 2021 Good voted against certifying the result of the 2020 presidential election and later was among the 16 GOP House reps who voted against Congressional Gold Medals for Capitol Police officers.

Good also voted against a bill on domestic violence because “everything that plagues our society can be attributed to a failure to follow God’s laws for morality and his rules for and definition of marriage and family.”

Good is a graduate of Liberty University. Before being elected, he worked for Liberty University under its then-president Jerry Falwell Jr.