MAGA Coalition Comes Out Against Kevin McCarthy

From the Conservative Action Project:

Rather than engage them in a good faith negotiation, Rep. Kevin McCarthy has instead maligned both the requests and the messengers. He has publicly and through proxies leveled attacks against members of his own party, including threatening to deny committee assignments for those who continue to oppose him. Moreover, he has failed to answer for, or commit to halting, his coordinated efforts in the 2022 elections to promote moderate Republican candidates over conservatives.

Because of this, he has thus far failed to garner the 218 votes necessary to lead the House GOP conference in three separate rounds of voting. The job of the Speaker is to garner consensus among disparate factions of the party, and unite them.

These members represent the millions of voters across the country who are disgusted with the business-as-usual, self-interested governance in Washington. We stand behind them and beside them in their courageous efforts to find a Speaker of the House who will represent the interests of conservatives.

Signatories to the above-linked letter include Ginni Thomas, Brent Bozell, John Eastman, former Sen. Jim DeMint, former Rep. Steve King, Cleta Mitchell, and multiple anti-LGBTQ hate group leaders.