LIVE VIDEO: House Votes In Third Ballot For Speaker

NBC News reports:

Democrats unanimously rallied behind the minority leader, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York both times. As is customary during the first vote of the new Congress, lawmakers stood and cast their vote for speaker aloud when their name was called. Jeffries ended up with more votes than McCarthy — 212.

It’s unclear where Republicans go from here. Neither McCarthy allies nor his hard-right enemies are backing down. House rules require lawmakers to keep holding votes for speaker until someone secures 218 votes or a simple majority of members voting.

No other House business can occur until a speaker is selected, which means floor votes, committee hearings and other congressional work will grind to a halt if Republicans can’t agree on a new leader.

Read the full article. Steve Scalise just nominated Kevin McCarthy for the third time. Bored yet? Whee!