LIVE VIDEO: House Reps Vote On Their Next Speaker

The Washington Examiner reports:

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) said he’s “earned” the job of speaker of the House in a spirited Republican conference meeting before Tuesday’s speaker vote.

The embattled No. 1 House Republican gave a speech making the case for why he should have the gavel, telling his Republican colleagues that he’s “earned this goddamn job,” according to sources in the room who said his remarks received a standing ovation.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), one of his detractors, reportedly yelled, “This is bullshit,” after the speech.

A primer on today’s House math:

Current House practice dictates that the Speaker must be elected by a majority of those voting for a specific Speaker candidate by surname. Vacancies, absences and “present” votes lower that threshold.

Theoretically, some McCarthy opponents could vote “present” rather than for an alternative candidate in order to express opposition without jeopardizing McCarthy’s path to the gavel.

For instance, if 216 Republicans vote for McCarthy, 212 vote for Jeffries, two Republicans vote for other candidates and four vote “present,” McCarthy would be elected Speaker with a majority of all those voting for a candidate.

The circus starts at noon.