Kirk Frets That “RINO” Reps Will Select Dem Speaker

“The number one email we’re getting right now is Donald Trump for speaker of the House. He wouldn’t win and he doesn’t want it.

“There’s probably 120 Republicans that do not want it. But if this continues to go without taking a good deal, do not be surprised if 50 to 75 of the more RINO types start to get very angry and they start going and caucusing with Democrats. There are conversations right now to help form a coalition government effectively eliminating the Republican House majority.

“I do not think Donald Trump would win the Speaker of the House race. I do not. There are at least a hundred very moderate Republicans that are saying they’re only gonna vote for McCarthy.

“But that’s why I said yesterday, Donald Trump should be there negotiating the deal. He wants to be president in 2024, help get the impossible deal done. I think it’s a missed opportunity.” – Charlie Kirk, on today’s podcast.