Iowa GOP Proposes New Restrictions On Food Stamps Recipients: No White Rice, Fresh Meat, Sliced Cheese

Axios reports:

Iowa House Republicans are proposing restrictions on the state’s SNAP benefits that could dramatically limit what foods recipients can get at the store. The new bill introduces cumbersome rules that dictate what families can or can’t buy at the grocery stores, said Luke Elzinga, spokesperson for DMARC, a local food nonprofit.

Proposed restrictions: No white grains — people can only purchase 100% whole wheat bread and brown rice, no baked, refried or chili beans — people can purchase black, red and pinto beans, no fresh meats — people can purchase only canned products like canned tuna, no sliced, cubed or crumbled cheese, no American cheese.

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Photo: Primary sponsor and Iowa House Speaker Pat Grassley, grandson of US Sen. Chuck Grassley.