GOP Rep Backs Raising Social Security Age: “People Come Up To Me, They Actually Want To Work Longer”

The American Independent reports:

Republican Rep. Rick Allen of Georgia said that the way to handle problems with Social Security and to increase wealth is for people to work longer and retire later. Allen said that his constituents have told him that that is exactly what they want to do. “People come up to me, they actually want to work longer,” Allen said.

“Well, you know, if people want to work longer, maybe you need to give them incentive to do it. That’s the way to solve every one of these problems, by the way, and actually grow wealth at the same time.” Pointing to his head, Allen concludes, “It just takes that right there.”

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Allen first appeared on JMG in 2016 when he prompted a walkout by fellow House Republicans when he called them sinners for backing a proposed LGBTQ anti-discrimination measure. Allen launched the policy meeting by reading scripture that condemns homosexuality.