George Santos Apparently Planned To Commit Bigamy

The Daily Beast reports:

Two years into his mysterious marriage to a woman—and five years before they divorced—George Santos invited friends to celebrate his engagement to a man, The Daily Beast has learned. “Good evening everyone! As you all may already know Pedro and I have decided to join our toothbrushes! Lol and a very few friends have been selected to share this special moment with us!” Santos wrote in a 2014 Facebook “engagement dinner” invitation.

The invitation was shared with The Daily Beast by Santos’ old roommate, Greg Morey-Parker, and the boyfriend, Pedro Vilarva, confirmed that the future congressman planned the celebration. Vilarva told The Daily Beast the engagement party “never happened” because he rejected Santos’ proposals. “He asked me 3x but I didn’t accept it,” Vilarva wrote in a text. “There was never a party [or] anything in regards to it.”

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Same-sex marriage became legal in New York state in July 2011. Santos’ divorce was finalized in 2020 two weeks before he filed paperwork to run for the US House.

According to Santos’ former roommate, Santos told him he could make money by marrying a Brazilian woman so that she could obtain US citizenship.