Fox Host: MAGA Reps Opposing McCarthy Are “Idiots”

“If they said ‘Hey, listen, he won’t do anything on the border. He’s not doing anything with Hunter Biden. He is not going to do anything to go reduce spending.’

“None of this is true, so it’s almost as if they’re debating things that are their egos, nothing to do with America.

“They can’t grab onto anything except for, I guess, they want to get a little bit more notoriety in their lives.

“How are you supposed to do your job? You have over 200 people you are going to be representing. If five don’t like what you do, then you are out?

“You can’t kiss everyone’s butt in order to do that job. You have got to do what’s better for the whole, or dare I say, better for the country.

“You should not take this job if it’s about your ego and your own personal agenda. The whole thing should be service for the country and the subset is your party.

“Please explain to me how this helps your party. You are looking like idiots in front of the country.” – Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, this morning.