Fox Guest Blames Nichols’ Death On Diversity Training

“Cops are desperate for more technical training and de-escalation and stress control, so they’re not put in a position that they feel they need to use lethal force. And instead, they’re being given implicit bias training, diversity training – a complete waste of money.

“But the narrative that is being put on what looks to be a very horrific incident is inflammatory, it’s coming from the president on down that we are living through an epidemic of racially-biased police killings on Black men. That is completely false.

“Police are the solution to that problem, not the cause. When the police back off of proactive policing as they will do in Memphis and may do across the country, here’s what happens: more Black lives are lost. – Fox regular Heather MacDonald.

MacDonald last appeared on JMG in October 2022 when she declared that “more Blacks are addicted to marijuana.”

She first appeared on JMG in 2019 when she claimed that white privilege doesn’t exist because American-Indian students “keep winning the spelling bee.”

We heard from her again in 2021 when she declared that the US military is “completely feminized.”