Four Former Friends: George Santos Stole From Us

The New York Patch reports:

Four people told Patch that when they asked Santos if he had stolen items or money from them, he blamed another friend or relative. Adriana Correia moved to New York with her family in 2011. Santos traveled with them and moved in with them in Jackson Heights, Queens. Then, Correia noticed cash she had in the apartment began to disappear. When she asked Santos about it, he blamed one of his cousins.

Santos told her the neighborhood was very dangerous and he should hold her jewelry for her. When they moved out and Correia asked for him to give the jewelry back, he never did. Gregory Morey-Parker said he later spotted the $500 Burberry shirt he believed Santos stole from him on Santos’ Instagram account. In 2014, Morey-Parker told Patch he noticed three checks were stolen out of his E*Trade checkbook, and bounced after being written for $10,000 each.

Read the full article. As always with Santos, there’s much more at the link. Last week the New York Times reported that a former boyfriend believes that Santos stole his cellphone.