Florida Demands Universities Report “Woke” Actions

Florida Politics reports:

A court challenge to stop Gov. Ron DeSantis’ survey of “woke” activities on the state’s campuses has been rejected, and now Speaker Paul Renner is sending a more extensive request regarding institutions’ diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and critical race theory.

His memo asks for 16 different items, due by Feb. 13. The request includes emails, text messages and social media posts the institution’s DEI offices have sent between Jan. 1, 2021 to Thursday regarding curriculum development, faculty hiring, tenure and proposed discipline, censure, or termination of any faculty member.

The memo has echoes of the legislation passed during the main 2022 Session, formally called the “Individual Freedom Act,” which prohibits instruction that makes any students or employees feel uncomfortable or guilty because of their race, gender or national origin.

Read the full article. Renner last appeared on JMG when he proposed a change to Florida law that would allow DeSantis to run for president without resigning.