Ex-Boyfriend Says Santos’ Wife Was Dating Other Men

The Insider reports:

An ex-boyfriend of Republican Rep. George Santos said he had no idea the congressman was married when they first started dating — even after moving in together with Santos and his then-wife in her apartment. Pedro Vilarva, who was 18 in 2014 when he met Santos, described the living situation in an interview with Insider on Friday. Santos, who is now openly gay, was 26 at the time and married to a woman.

“When I moved to New York, I was living in her apartment. I lived for a whole month in her apartment. For me, they were friends. They knew each other, we all used to go party together, we went to events together,” Vilarva said. Vilarva said he had no proof whether or not the marriage between Santos and his wife was genuine. He also said that while Santos and he were dating, his wife was dating another man as well.

Read the full article. Last week it was reported that Santos told a friend that he could make money by marrying a Brazilian woman to help her earn US citizenship. Many believe that was the case in Santos’ own marriage.