DeSantis Appointees Fire President Of Florida College

Florida Politics reports:

New College of Florida President Patricia Okker was fired today without cause at a Board of Trustees meeting. “I understand that there is a new mandate for this college,” Okker said. At the trustee meeting, Okker slammed the new direction being pushed for the college. “I’m going to say publicly. I do not believe that students are being indoctrinated at New College,” Okker said.

The parting of ways with the administrator comes after significant upheaval on the board. Gov. Ron DeSantis this month appointed six new members to the board and promised to remake the college more like Hillsdale College. The State University System’s Board of Governors appointed another member of the same background, the leader of a conservative think tank.

Read the full article. Hillsdale is a right wing Christian college whose curriculum is being promoted by prominent far-right groups like Moms For Liberty. Ginni Thomas once ran the college’s DC-based speakers bureau.