DE Axes Licenses Of Nurses That Bought Fake Diplomas

ABC News reports:

Twenty-six Delaware nurses were informed that their nursing license was annulled as part of a fraudulent nursing diploma scheme uncovered by the Department of Justice. “All of us feel this is egregious,” said Dr. Pamela Zickafoose, the Executive Director of Delaware’s Board of Nursing.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department released details of what’s been dubbed Operation Nightingale, in honor of Florence Nightingale. It uncovered a massive, coordinated effort to sell more than 7,600 fake nursing diplomas and certificates for more than $100 million.

The nurses who had their licenses annulled in Delaware can appeal the decision, but officials believe the nurses knew what they were doing was fraudulent. The FBI is working with state nursing boards across the country to identify unqualified nurses.

Read the full article. My first report on the scheme is here.