Club Q Hero Apologizes For Delay In Merch Orders

From the Facebook page of the Colorado Springs brewery co-owned by Rich Fierro, one of the heroes in the Club Q mass shooting:

First and foremost, we are grateful to all of you who have genuinely supported us! We would like to address the timeline in regards to the orders.

The Club Q incident happened the night of Nov.19. We were inundated with orders in support of one of our founders, Rich.

We were in no way ever expecting to go through what we encountered as a family and business due to the shooting and we were in no way prepared for the amount of orders we received.

We were and are humbled by the amount of support and love that has transpired of such a horrific event. Merchants were not willing to take on such a large order on the fly. Pile on top of that Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all observed holidays in between.

It has been an unbelievable task to try and find a company who is credible and willing to fulfill all orders while dealing with all of our emotions.

Please remember we are a small, independent, craft beer brewery that has 6 employees, 3 of which were physically a part of the tragedy. We do not have a sales department or merchandising department.

Jess, founder and CEO, wears all hats and was there that night with her daughter and husband. What should have taken maybe a month to fulfill orders has been delayed due to holiday season and fiscal year.

We are on the verge of signing a contract with a merchant who has agreed to fill all orders! When it is a signed deal we will let you all know.

We are just as desperate to get the merch out to you all! In the meantime, we are practicing our patience as well to make sure we have the correct contract in place.

Please know that hateful messages, cyber bullying, threats and trolling will NOT be tolerated. We will delete your messages. We will hang up on you. We will block and report you.

We continue to hope that you and your loved ones are safe and out of harms way. Thank you, again, to all who have and continue to support us unconditionally. We feel you. We hear you. And, we love you. Salud ?