Charlie Kirk Hopes “The Woke Virus” Destroys The NHL

Charlie Kirk is all aquiver over the NHL’s Pride Night:

I thought it’s supposed to have all different perspectives. Diversity is our strength and — no, no, no. It’s diversity is our strength — as long as you wear the rainbow flag, as long as you participate in the new replacement civil religion that is birthed out of the LGBTQ alphabet mafia.

I don’t watch hockey at all. It’s become a completely irrelevant sport. I don’t wish them well. I think some of the athletes are really great people, but they’ve been captured by the very same woke virus.

If any of you are avid hockey fans, you’re gonna have to explain to me exactly what about hockey and the values or the lack thereof of the National Hockey League that speaks to you.

I hope their stadiums remain empty and I hope they go bankrupt because what they are doing is so aggressive. It is so hostile.

It is so insistent that if you do not subscribe to the chemical castration of children, to the trans agenda, we are going to isolate you. We’re going to punish you.

Again, these are the people that — the best way to explain the kind of new alphabet mafia is the people that came out of the closet now, want you to live in the closet.