Catholic League: Buttigieg’s Marriage Is Disqualified By Nature Because Two Plugs Touching Produces No Juice

Via email from hate group leader Bill Donohue:

Does Buttigieg really have a husband? Of course not. He may love Chasten but he can never be his husband. Why not? Because he has been disqualified by nature.

It is true that Buttigieg is legally married, but that is a legal fiction. The Britannica Encyclopedia defines a legal fiction as “a rule assuming as true something that is clearly false.”

The idea that a man can have a husband is clearly false—he can only have a wife—despite claims to the contrary.

Buttigieg’s “marriage” is recognized by the positive law, or by what lawmakers and judges posit, but it is not recognized by the natural law.

The natural law, which was first promulgated by Aristotle and Cicero (and later amended by Aquinas), holds that morality is a function of human nature, and that we can arrive at moral strictures on the basis of observation and reason.

As human beings, Aquinas said, we are given to three natural inclinations, one of which is reproduction (the others being self-preservation and reason).

Reproduction has been ordained by nature, and nature’s God, as the province of a man and a woman. Two men cannot reproduce anymore than two women can. It therefore makes no sense to say that people of the same sex can marry.

Think of it this way. It is an axiom of natural law that everything has a law that is built into its nature. For example, it is a law of electricity that if we want to generate it, we must insert the plug into the socket.

Having two plugs or two sockets touch each other delivers no juice. Plugs and sockets are related, but they are different, and attempts to conjoin them always render sterile results.