Brazilian Fraud Victim Calls Santos “A Professional Liar”

CNN reports:  

A Brazilian former shop clerk allegedly defrauded out of more than $1,300 by George Santos has a message to voters who cast ballots for the Republican congressman-elect: “Don’t feel guilty, he does that really well. He’s a professional liar.”

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Bruno Simões said that Santos in 2008 paid for merchandise using a pair of stolen checks and forging the signature of the account owner.

Simões became suspicious of Santos’ demeanor – saying he was overly charming while shopping – and subsequently attempted to verify the checks. When it became clear they were fraudulent, the shop’s owner demanded Simões, then in his early 20s, pay the damages – roughly equal to four months’ salary.

Read the full article. As always with Santos, there’s much more. Last week the New York Times reported that Brazilian authorities have revived charges against Santos now that they know his location.