Brazil To Revive Fraud Charges Against George Santos

The New York Times reports:

When Representative-elect George Santos takes his seat in Congress on Tuesday, he will do so under the shadow of active investigations by federal and local prosecutors into potential criminal activity during his two congressional campaigns. But an older criminal case may be more pressing: Brazilian law enforcement authorities intend to revive fraud charges against Mr. Santos, and will seek his formal response, prosecutors told The New York Times on Monday.

The matter, which stemmed from an incident in 2008 regarding a stolen checkbook, had been suspended for the better part of a decade because the police were unable to locate him. Nathaly Ducoulombier, a spokeswoman for the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office, said that with Mr. Santos’s “whereabouts identified,” a formal request will be made to the U.S. Justice Department to notify him of the charges.

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