Boebert Implies She Takes Her Gun Into The US Capitol

“I have to learn how to do Congress all over again. It’s kinda like being a freshman all over again. People are allowed in building, you don’t have to go through metal detectors.

“I am absolutely armed in Washington DC, in fact I just went and renewed my concealed carry permit here in DC. You have to do that every two years.

“So, grateful to have it but also it sucks because we do have a thing called the Second Amendment which prevents us from all of these crazy gun laws and restrictions.

“It’s interesting, in a court of law you can simply plead the Fifth and they say, ‘Oh, yeah. OK, that’s your right,’ but anywhere else in America you can’t say, ‘I plead the Second.’

“But that’s the time that we’re in and that why we’re fighting for freedom to be returned to the American people.” – Lauren Boebert, speaking to Newsmax host Benny Johnson.

Johnson opens the clip by suggesting that the metal detectors were there in the first place because Nancy Pelosi feared that Boebert was bringing her gun into the Capitol.