Arizona Bill Would Outlaw Sunday Drag Brunches And Define Drag “Exaggerating Gender” As Adult Content

Phoenix’s CBS affiliate reports:

Before the legislative session begins on Monday, three bills have already been introduced by Republican senators aimed at regulating and limiting drag shows in Arizona. The most controversial of the three is a bill that wants stricter regulations on adult drag shows, including limiting the hours they’re allowed to operate.

Introduced by Republican Senator Anthony Kern, SB 1030 specifically calls for regulation and business licenses for drag shows and a limitation of their hours, not allowing shows between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday-Saturday and prohibiting shows on Sundays from 1 a.m. to 12 p.m. That would impact Sunday morning drag brunches.

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Kern last appeared on JMG in August 2022 when he and US Rep. Paul Gosar were ordered to pay a Democratic state lawmaker $75,000 for filing a “lawsuit for the purpose of harassment.” In 2014, Kern was fired from a local police department for lying to superiors. In 2020, Kern joined US Rep. Louie Gohmert in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Electoral Count Act. Also in 2020, Kern was among the 11 local Republicans who falsely claimed to be Arizona electors. In January 2021, Kern tweeted a video showing himself as present during the attack on the US Capitol. In April 2021, reporters spotted him counting ballots inside the Maricopa County election center, despite rules saying that the counters must be nonpartisan.