Accused USMC Rioter: “I’m Waiting For The Boogaloo”

Law & Crime reports:

Joshua Abate, Micah Coomer, and Dodge Dale Hellonen are accused of entering the building through the Senate Wing Door at around 2:20 p.m. that day. Weeks after Jan. 6, Coomer (red circle above) indicated that the deadly riot didn’t go far enough.

“Everything in this country is corrupt,” he wrote to another unidentified Instagram user. “We honestly need a fresh restart. I’m waiting for the boogaloo.”

“I agree but what’s a boogaloo?” the user asked. “Civil war 2,” Coomer replied. The “boogaloo,” according to adherents to the right-wing anti-government philosophy, is a slang reference to a future civil war, according to hate group monitors.

NBC News reports:

“We are aware of an investigation and the allegations,” a Marine Corps spokesperson said. “The Marine Corps is fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities in support of the investigation.”

Abate is assigned to the Marine Corps’ Cryptologic Support Battalion at Fort Meade, Maryland, also home to the National Security Agency, the Pentagon’s digital spying arm.

According to the George Washington University’s program on extremism, with these cases included, 121 of the 943 defendants charged in the Capitol riot are current or former members of the military, or around 12% of the cases.