2024 Dem Convention Finalists: NYC, Atlanta, Chicago

The New York Times reports:

The battle over where Democrats should host their presidential convention in 2024 has been unfolding for months in some of the country’s largest Democratic-run cities. It is at once an opaque insider’s game and a spirited debate over Democratic messaging and symbolism, shaped by regional rivalries, whispered disparagement of competitors and high-powered public jockeying.

Atlanta, Chicago and New York remain in contention and have advanced toward the endgame of the process, hashing out potential nuts-and-bolts terms with the D.N.C., according to two people with direct knowledge of the bidding process. Of those three cities, Atlanta and Chicago have often been seen as leading contenders, but in many ways, the final decision will be a matter of Mr. Biden’s preference.

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The mayor of Houston, which also submitted a bid, was told yesterday that his town was out of the running. Milwaukee, which hosted a limited Democratic convention in 2020, will host for the Republicans next year.