WSJ: Jewish Leaders At “Breaking Point” With Trump

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Dov Hikind, a prominent Jewish leader in Brooklyn, endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2020. After Mr. Trump’s recent dinner with two prominent promoters of anti-Semitic rhetoric, Mr. Hikind said he won’t support Mr. Trump again.

“It is over, it is finished,” Mr. Hikind, whose 36-year run as a state lawmaker ended in 2018, said of his support for the former president. “Right now, he’s doing so much damage. He has disqualified himself from any of us supporting him ever again.”

Many Jewish leaders, including Mr. Hikind, say a spate of anti-Semitic violence and harassment around the country has created an elevated sense of threat from hateful speech—and that the image of any political leader will suffer for failing to sever ties with Mr. Trump.

Read the full article. Longtime JMG readers will recall Hikind for his viciously anti-LGBTQ proclamations during New York’s battle for same-sex marriage.