WaPo Skewers DeSantis On New Anti-Vax Stance

From the editorial board of Washington Post:

Mr. DeSantis, who is positioning himself to seek the 2024 Republican presidential nomination — and by one recent poll is running ahead of former president Donald Trump — has not been shy about politicizing public health measures, attacking lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates.

Now he has taken it a step further with a petition to the Florida Supreme Court seeking empanelment of a statewide grand jury — which in Florida can carry out broader investigations of government — on vaccines.

In a crude appeal to the anti-vaccine movement, Mr. DeSantis’s petition darkly implies that public reassurances of vaccine efficacy were driven by “financial gain.” A scientific achievement so overwhelmingly beneficial to humanity ought not be forsaken in the interest of scoring political points. The truth is as simple as this: Vaccines save lives.

From a history of previously pro-vax DeSantis:

Throughout 2020, DeSantis repeatedly praised the Trump administration for working with industry to accelerate vaccine development, production and distribution, an effort known as “Operation Warp Speed.” As the vaccine became available in 2021, DeSantis defended the rollout against frustrations with initially scarce supplies. “I can tell you, we wish we have had more vaccine every week, but it’s just being produced,” he said. “So, I think, by and large, the Warp Speed team did a great job.”

DeSantis appeared in person at vaccination-related events, such as a February visit to a World War II veteran, a stadium appearance in Pahokee, Fla., and a March discussion highlighting “Florida’s status as a national leader on vaccine distribution.” His office also touted partnerships with companies such as Publix supermarkets, a vaccine site for law enforcement officers and a rural vaccination initiative.