Walker’s Homocon Son Rages Against Dad And Trump

Mediaite reports:

Christian Walker reiterated his disgust with the Republican party — and his father, Herschel Walker — after a Georgia Senate run-off race was declared for Rev. Raphael Warnock. Christian has long been an Instagram influencer, who used his clout to promote Republican politics and was a frequent guest on many Fox shows.

But in early October, as news broke of reported abortions paid for by his father and accusations of abuse surfaced about his father, Christian broke his silence and condemned the GOP and Trump for selecting a candidate that was, in his opinion, so flawed as a father that he could not serve dutifully in Senate.

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The utterly vile Christian Walker appeared on JMG in May 2022 when he declared that liberal women “don’t need to worry about abortions” because they’re too fat to get fucked.

The younger Walker has a massive following on social media where he regularly rants against “cancel culture,” pride events, and LGBTQ activism.

Last year Christian crowed to his followers about the “honor” of introducing his father at Mar-A-Lago.