TX Rep Hires “Death To Drag Show Attendees” Activist

The Texas Tribune reports:

A Republican lawmaker and Texas House speaker candidate has hired a self-described Christian nationalist who called for the public execution of people who take children to drag events. State Rep. Tony Tinderholt [photo], hired Jake Neidert, 22, last month as his office’s legislative director amid a wave of anti-LGBTQ violence and rhetoric, and ahead of an impending legislative session that is expected to focus heavily on anti-trans bills.

Neidert is the twin brother of Kelly Neidert, the founder of the anti-trans group Protect Texas Kids that has been a key driver of protests of drag and LGTBQ events across the state, and who has aligned with far-right movements — including Holocaust deniers. And like his sister — who has called for “rounding up” people who attend Pride events — Jake Neidert has similarly espoused anti-LGTBQ views.

Read the full article. There’s much more.

An extensive report on the Neidert twins is here. As you’ll see, Kelly Neidert publicly labels herself a “Christian fascist.”

Tinderholt, who has been married five times (twice to the same woman), first appeared on JMG in 2015 when he filed a complaint against a county judge that had approved same-sex marriage. He then endured ridicule because he sent his handwritten complaint to the wrong judge.

My report on his 2019 “death penalty for abortion” bill is here. His bill, which would also criminalize abortions resulting from rape and incest, passed out of committee after wild testimonies from Christian activists but was never taken up by the full House.