Trump Lawyer: Kari Lake Suit Could Get Him Reinstated

Newsweek reports:

A lawyer for Donald Trump has said that Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake’s election midterm lawsuit might somehow help the former president return to the White House. Attorney Christina Bobb made the remarks during an appearance on Real America on OANN while discussing Lake’s legal attempts to have the Arizona gubernatorial election, which she lost to Democratic Katie Hobbs, thrown out.

OANN host Dan Ball asked Bobb that if Lake wins and proves that Arizona’s elections are “screwed,” whether Trump could also prove he was “screwed” out of the election he lost more than two years ago. “Well, it’ll be interesting,” Bobb, herself a former OANN host, replied. “You know, I don’t know. I mean one state as we know. We would need three states, so I wouldn’t necessarily say right away, certainly maybe down the road.”

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