Staver: “Pedophile Marriages” Are Coming, Send Money

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

The House Rules Committee will meet to vote TONIGHT on HR 8404—the bill that enables pedophile “marriages” to children and codifies same-sex marriage, even as it SHOWS DISDAIN to religious freedom.

Soon-to-be-replaced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in a hurry to pass this bill before she must pass her gavel to the incoming House Republican Speaker. She has announced plans to bring this measure to a full House floor vote tomorrow.

YOUR faxes forced the Senate to close the polygamy loophole from the list of horrors this bill would force on all Americans. However, the bill STILL contains measures allowing pedophile and same-sex “marriages.” Even worse, this bill sets a precedent that will UNDERMINE religious liberty for all but a very few.

This is a problem for ANY sane-minded person who would oppose the horror of grown adults marrying elementary-age children. But more significantly, the revocation of religious freedom in this instance WILL create a legal precedent for religious freedom to be threatened in OTHER SITUATIONS.

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