Shapiro: Seized Weapons Proves Riot Wasn’t Organized

“There were 242 canisters of pepper spray, 269 knives or blades, 18 brass knuckles, 18 tasers, six pieces of body armor, three gas masks, 30 batons or blunt instruments, 17 miscellaneous items like scissors, needles, or screwdrivers.

“Those are the people who went through the magnetometers. The report adds thousands of others purposely remained outside the magnetometers or left their pieces — or left their packs outside.

“The report said that there were maybe six cases where people were observed carrying guns. Which, by the way, shows this was not an organized physical insurrection, because the weapons of use in insurrections are not screwdrivers.

“The weapons of use in insurrections typically happen to be firearms. There were very few of those among the thousands of people at the rally, maybe 100,000 people at the rally by some estimates.

“And there were very few of them, I’m not even aware of any, that actually got into the Capitol Building, in terms of guns.” – Ben Shapiro.