Republican Georgia US Rep Voted Illegally Three Times

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

U.S. Rep. Drew Ferguson, a Republican from west Georgia who has raised concerns in the past about election fraud, voted three times this year in Troup County. But Ferguson no longer lives at the address where he’s registered to vote after he sold his house in April and moved in with his wife two counties away. It’s illegal in Georgia for voters to cast a ballot in a county where they don’t have a residence.

Ferguson’s congressional website says that he lives with his wife in The Rock, 63 miles away from his former home in West Point. Voter registration records show that he never changed his address to his new home in Pike County as required under state law before voting.  Ferguson’s spokesman, Brian Piper, defended the congressman’s votes in this year’s elections but didn’t respond to questions about why he continued to vote in Troup County.

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