QAnon Nutbags Claim Kirstie Alley Was Murdered

Vice News reports:

On the QAnon message board the Great Awakening, members concluded that the sudden nature of Kirstie Alley’s death was a clear sign that her death was part of a global plot to silence critics of the COVID vaccines.

“I wholly believe the [deep state] has a way of dosing people with poisons that create aggressive cancers,” one member wrote. Another added: “She either just drew the short straw or she was poisoned by the Deep State for being a public Patriot.”

In QAnon channels on Monday night, followers zeroed in on the fact that the actor was 71 when she died, which in the world of QAnon was seen as a sign because it is a mirror of the number 17—Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and very important to the community.

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As you’ll see, these nutbags also say that if she wasn’t murdered, she died because she was forced to get the vaccine either as part of her cancer treatment or because she was due to join the cast of The Masked Singer. Alley herself posted batshittery about the vaccine and tweeted QAnon slogans. In QAnon-land, every notable death is somehow related to the vaccine.