Pro-DeSantis PAC Plots To Launch Attacks On Trump

Semafor reports:

“Ron to the Rescue,” founded by Republican strategist John Thomas, emerged just after the midterms with an ad declaring that “America needs Ron DeSantis” and pitching his success as Joe Biden’s failure to keep a good state down. According to Thomas, the super PAC will likely focus on “exploit[ing] some of the former president’s vulnerabilities” on topics like Trump’s relationship to Dr. Anthony Fauci, his COVID-19 policies, and the Second Amendment, where he pointed to Trump’s ban on bump stocks.

But perhaps the biggest point of contrast is the argument that talking heads, some Republicans, and polls have been making for months now — that of electability. “Trump can’t win,” Thomas said. “And we’re going to remind voters of what they already know to be true — that he’s lost the last three elections, or three and a half elections if you count the runoff. Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis is a winner and knows how to win in very tough environments.”

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