PolitiFact’s 2022 “Lie Of The Year” Award Goes To Putin

PolitiFact reports:

Ukraine wasn’t being led by neo-Nazis and it wasn’t committing genocide. Putin employed those lies to co-opt Russian citizens whose family members would be sent to fight a war, kill others and possibly die themselves.

The lies have permeated the assault. When hundreds of bodies were discovered lying in the streets and homes of Bucha after weeks of Russian occupation, horrifying the world and generating global outrage, Putin’s regime claimed Ukranians had staged the scenes. That was a lie.

To orchestrate his power and land grab, Putin long denied Ukraine was even a country — falsely characterizing its history and culture, suggesting the Ukranians were simply Russians who needed to be brought back into the fold.

The consequential nature of Putin’s disinformation made our choice clear: Putin’s lies about Ukraine are the 2022 Lie of the Year.

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PolitiFact has also published a recap of previous lies of the year. As you’ll see, Trump has been named four times since 2015. Of note, PolitiFact readers voted for Trump’s stolen docs lie as this year’s biggest whopper. Sarah Palin’s “death panels” lie was the site’s first “honoree” in 2009.