Newsmax Host Backs Trump’s Call On “Terminating”

Media Matters has the transcript:

I will not condemn what President Trump said. In fact — well, look, let me point out what’s happening here.

Donald Trump believes that he won the 2020 election. I happen to agree with him in large part. I think there were huge problems with that election.

What we’re learning right now – if you’re Donald Trump, you can absolutely understand the way he feels. And it only happened to him. He’s the victim here, actually – yes, the millions of people who voted for him. But him especially.

So, there’s actually no provision in the Constitution if you find out there was massive fraud, and perhaps the person in the White House doesn’t belong there.

How do you fix that? Do you set up a new system? Do you set up a new election? Do you wait two and a half, three years until the next election?

You know, we do do things external to the Constitution all the time. Like for two years, we were all told we had to stay home and we had no choice.

Remember when they closed down businesses? Remember when they arrested a man for opening his business? Was that in the Constitution? How about this woman who was arrested for going to Arby’s and she would not wear her mask?

How about drag queens reading to children in schools? I think that’s a violation of my constitutional rights, even if it’s not my kid. So, there are a lot of things that happened outside the Constitution.

Kelly last appeared here when he ridiculed the name of incoming House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries.

Before that he appeared here when he tweeted and then deleted a claim that Nancy Pelosi had “staged” the brutal assault on her husband.

Earlier this year Kelly called the Dallas police to “report” a drag show. In August he claimed that a Capitol police officer beaten unconscious by rioting Proud Boys had actually “fallen and bumped her head.”