NC Gov Vows To Find Culprits Behind Power Outage

Durham’s ABC affiliate reports:

It will be another day of waking up in total darkness for people in Moore County. Residents there are dealing with a third day of impacts from an attack on the power grid.

More than 35,000 customers still don’t have power, according to Duke Energy. This after two substations were shot at over the weekend causing millions in damages. A curfew is still in place overnight. School is out for a second straight day.

The state Bureau of Investigation is just one of the many agencies working around the clock to figure out who left Moore County residents in the dark and the cold.

CNN reports:

Authorities are determined to find the perpetrators of the “atrocious” attack on the power grid that plunged Moore County into darkness, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said Monday. Investigators are “leaving no stone unturned to find out who did this, and why.”

“We need to look forward, to look at how we can harden our electrical grid and make sure that our power sources are protected,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

When asked if had any indication if it was an act of extremism or domestic terrorism, which authorities have not yet said, Cooper said. “Clearly this an extreme act to intentionally disable this substation.”

Some on social media continue to point at a local anti-LGBTQ activist but thus far law enforcement has not revealed any suspects.