MI Priest Charged With Embezzling $830K From Priests

Kalamazoo’s CBS affiliate reports:

The former director of the Lansing Catholic Diocese’s St. Francis Retreat Center has been arrested for allegedly embezzling $830,000 from three fellow priests, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced.

Father David Rosenberg, 70, of Dewitt, was arraigned in the 65-A District Court in Clinton County on the following charges:

“It is alleged that between January 2018 and December 2020, Rosenberg embezzled approximately $830,000 from the three priests and used the money to fund his charitable foundation, FaithFirst, formerly known as the Rosenberg Family Corporation,” the department said.

From a statement post by FaithFirst:

According to the Modern Catholic Dictionary, “Seven is the symbolic number of charity, grace, and the Holy Spirit.” It is at once fitting and a shame, then, that Father David Rosenberg finds himself accused of seven felonies. It’s a shame because, well, he’s innocent. It’s fitting because the worst version of these allegations involves Father David embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars—not for his own benefit, but for charity.

Father David is effectively accused of swindling other priests to donate their money to charity before they die. So what’s more reasonable: the Attorney General’s story of a mastermind manipulator who doesn’t even personally benefit from the crimes or the possibility that clergy wanted to be charitable with their earthly treasures as they contemplated the eternal? We think the latter is far more reasonable.

All three of the alleged victims lived in a Catholic center for retired priests and two have since died.