McCarthy Panics On Speaker Battle: It’s All In Jeopardy!

“You want to take advantage of having the majority. Remember, this is a presidential year, so you only have so many months to really get out there and govern.

“And you want to hit the ground running. Every day you lose, if you lose a quarter, you don’t start strong. So you don’t get new, stronger candidates.

“You don’t get more resources to be able to supply those candidates to get the message out. And people look at us and believe are you ready to be the majority if this is what’s happening?

“How can you pass the big bills? How can you change the course of history? How can you secure the border? How can you become energy independent?

“How can you get passed the parent’s bill of rights? It’s all in jeopardy!” – Kevin McCarthy, speaking today to Hugh Hewitt.