Log Cabin Republicans Joined Armed Militia Extremists In Menacing San Antonio Holiday Drag Show [VIDEO]

Texas Public Radio reports:

Several dozen demonstrators gathered outside the Aztec Theatre in downtown San Antonio on Tuesday night. Some were there to condemn the holiday themed drag show scheduled to take place inside, and others were there to support the show. Some shouldered weapons.

Alongside them were armed San Antonio police officers, eyeing both sides as the crowds grew. The Texas-based far-right extremist group This is Texas Freedom Force led the demonstration. It said earlier that it was there over unsubstantiated claims regarding children.

This is Texas Freedom Force has been described as a “militia extremist group” by the FBI. Supporters of the LGBTQ community conducted a counter demonstration. Among them was Benjamin Clodfelter, a member of Veterans for Equality. He came armed with a rifle.

The San Antonio Report reports:

On Tuesday night some protesters could be heard shouting “pedophile!” and “groomer!” at the colorful crowd of counterprotesters and patrons lined up to go inside the theatre.

Shouts came from the other side: “the groomers are in your churches!” Other conservative groups, including the San Antonio Family Association and the Log Cabin Republicans of San Antonio, rallied their supporters to attend the protest.

The show, “A Drag Queen Christmas,” features at least one reference to alcohol, but does not include any nudity or sexually explicit acts, according to promotional material and videos of previous performances posted online.

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